MDS-D-V1-20 Mitsubishi servo drive unit, new

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1. Warranty period: 6 months . 

2. Delivery Terms: T/T

3. Payment Method: Paypal, Bank, Western union.

4. Express: TNT, UPS, DHL, and ect..

5. Return Policy:  In case you found a defect of product itself within 7 days after your received, you can return it to us, we will refund your money or exchange goods.

Product Description: This unit is brand new, original package of Mitsubishi, and in good conditions. Our technical engineer will test carefully before delivery item, make sure it is work OK. In addition, we have professional technology team and maintenance team, we are good at Repairing CNC system , mainly including FANUC, MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS, MAZAK and etc. If you have the technical trouble, welcome to contact us.

Servo drive unit series
MDS-D-SVJ3-03NA MDS-D-V1-20 MDS-DM-SPV2-10080
MDS-D-SVJ3-04NA MDS-D-V1-40 MDS-DM-SPV2-16080
MDS-D-SVJ3-07NA MDS-D-V1-80 MDS-DM-SPV2-20080
MDS-D-SVJ3-10NA MDS-D-V1-160 MDS-DM-SPV3-10080
MDS-D-SVJ3-20NA MDS-D-V1-160W MDS-DM-SPV3-16080
MDS-D-SVJ3-35NA MDS-D-V1-320 MDS-DM-SPV3-20080
MDS-DM-V3-202020 MDS-D-V1-320W MDS-B-SVJ2-06
MDS-DM-V3-404040 MDS-D-V2-2020 MDS-B-SVJ2-07
MDS-DH-V1-80 MDS-D-V2-4020 MDS-B-SVJ2-10
MDS-DH-V1-80W MDS-D-V2-4040 MDS-B-SVJ2-20
MDS-DH-V1-160 MDS-D-V2-8040 MDS-R-V1-20
MDS-DH-V2-4020 MDS-D-V2-8080 MDS-R-V1-40
MDS-DH-V2-8040 MDS-D-V2-16080 MDS-R-V1-60
MDS-DH-V2-8080 MDS-D-V2-160160 MDS-R-V1-80
MDS-C1-V1-20 MDS-D-V2-160160W MDS-R-V2-2020
MDS-C1-V1-35 MDS-C1-V2-2020 MDS-R-V2-4040
MDS-C1-V1-45 MDS-C1-V2-3535 MDS-R-V2-6040
MDS-C1-V1-70 MDS-C1-V2-4535 MDS-R-V2-6060
MDS-C1-V1-90 MDS-C1-V2-4545 MDS-R-V2-8040
MDS-C1-V1-110 MDS-C1-V2-7045 MDS-R-V2-8060
MDS-C1-V1-150 MDS-C1-V2-7070 MDS-R-V2-8080
MDS-B-ISV-04NX MDS-B-SVJ2-01 MDS-B-V2-1010
MDS-B-V14-70 MDS-B-SVJ2-03 MDS-B-V2-2020
MDS-B-V2-0101 MDS-B-SVJ2-04 MDS-B-V2-3510
MDS-B-V2-0303 MDS-B-V2-0303 MDS-B-V24-0303
MDS-B-V2-0501 MDS-B-V2-0501 MDS-B-V24-0505
MDS-B-V2-0505 MDS-B-V2-0505 MDS-B-V24-4520
MDS-C1-V1-05 MDS-C1-V2-4520 MDS-B-V2-4520
MDS-C1-V1-10 MDS-C1-V2-4545S MDS-CH-V1-20
MDS-CH-V1-10 MDS-CH-V2-4535 MDS-CH-V1-35
MDS-CH-V2-4535 MDS-D2-V2-8080 MDS-CH-V1-45
MDS-DH2-CV-300 MDS-DH2-V2-8080 MDS-CH-V1-70
MDS-DM-SPV3F-20080 MR-J2-100CT MDS-CH-V1-90
MR-J2-200CT MR-J2-350CT MDS-CH-V2-1010
MR-J2-60CT MR-J2-40CT MDS-CH-V2-2010
MR-J2-70CT MR-S11-200-E37 MDS-CH-V2-2020
MR-S3-100AA-E01 MR-S11-200-Z37 MDS-CH-V2-3520
MR-J2S-60A MR-S12-100A-E01 MDS-CH-V2-3535

Payment Terms︰ Paypal, bank, western union

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